About MetaSafe

MetaSafe AB is a fully owned subsidiary of Admescope Ltd, a Finnish CRO Company. MetaSafe AB is located in Biovation Park in Södertälje, Sweden. MetaSafe works in state of the art facilities and uses top of the line equipment for the purpose of delivering data and knowledge about biotransformation characteristics of drugs.


Decades of experience from academia and pharmaceutical industry within the field is utilized and transformed into tactical approaches tailor made for your purpose.

All work is based on high resolution mass spectrometry analyses to reveal biotransformation and metabolism characteristics of drugs at all stages of pharmaceutical development.

This is done through analysis of non-clinical and clinical samples generated in different studies performed by our customers. MetaSafe also generates samples performing in vitro (test tube) experiments using different metabolic systems. Our quipment and licenses also allow for work using radiolabelled compounds/samples and on-line and off-line radioactivity measurements.

Integrated biotransformation

From well designed experiments and studies data is delivered along the value chain of drug development. Our innovative way of working transforms minimum effort into maximum outcome where all experiments and analyses are designed to get the most out of your samples. We have created and can offer an analytical platform of biotransformation work to solve problems and meet the business and regulatory needs of drug projects.

The platform consists of a battery of experiments and studies with short turnaround times without compromising quality. Our innovative way of working transforms minimum efforts into maximum outcome where all experiments and analyses are designed to get the most out of it.

Our Vision

MetaSafe is a resource that small, midsize and big pharmaceutical companies find attractive to use for effective discussion, design and execution of regulatory and non-regulatory biotransformation studies to enable progression of their drug projects.

MetaSafe applies high quality and ethical standard. Data handling and archiving procedures allow traceability and the 24 h challenge.

MetaSafe lives analysis.