Investigative Metabolism

Optimise Metabolic Stability

  • Metabolic stability assay
  • Metabolite characterisation

Reactive metabolite investigations

  • Trapping reactions using different nucleophiles (e.g. glutathione)
  • Covalent binding to proteins

Mechanistic investigations

  • Acyl glucuronide characterisation
  • Stability investigations
  • Proton exchange
  • Acetylation

In vitro investigations

  • Species comparison prior to FTIM

In vivo investigations

  • Early In vivo Met ID (tox species, PD species)
  • Rodent/Non-rodent ADME Met ID (plasma, urine, feces, bile)
  • MIST Exposure comparison (Human vs tox species)
  • Human ADME Met ID

Quantitative determinations

  • Tissue homogenate quantitative and qualitative analysis (e.g. brain, tumors)
  • Bioanalysis (plasma, blood, urine)
  • Quantitation of drugs and metabolites in waste water