About our Services

Metasafe AB is YOUR partner laboratory and provides drug-developing companies biotransformation data and knowledge to understand the metabolism and support safety assessment and clinical within their drug projects.

All work is based on HPLC or UHPLC separation and high resolution MS analyses to reveal biotransformation and metabolism characteristics of drugs at all stages of pharmaceutical development. On and off-line radiochemical detection is used for studies using radiolabelled compounds.


MetaSafe instrumentation and techniques are compiled to ensure that studies are performed with high quality and short turnaround times.

  • High resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers
  • LTQ Velos Mass Spectrometer
  • Sciex 5500 Mass Spectrometer
  • UHPLC and HPLC
  • Radioactivity detectors (RAM and TopCount)
  • UV-detectors
  • Electrochemical cell
  • General analytical chemistry laboratory equipment


MetaSafe provides high quality metabolism data to pharmaceutical companies through the entire drug development value chain.

  • High quality laboratory standard
  • Compliance audited by sponsors
  • Highly skilled Biotransformation Scientists (PhD)
  • >50 years collective experience
  • Focus of Biotransformation/Metabolism studies
  • Highly customer focused


MetaSafe provides guidance and services to help the customer to:

  • Perform the right thing at the right time
  • Avoid late metabolism associated issues in late phases
  • Keep time to next milestone/market
  • Increase value of pipeline